2013 Recap


In keeping up with last years recap of 2012, I am proudly presenting (a bit late) some highlights from 2013, my third full year abroad in Argentina.

Shall we start at the beginning?


Sunday in Greenwich Village


On Sunday the girls and I met in Greenwich Village for brunch.

Dara and I are both big fans of Market Table off Bleecker Street and when she mentioned it the three of us quickly agreed. Something about their big windows and rustic decor… and of course the food!

I remember having the best cauliflower of my life from here years back!

We grabbed a table after a short wait at the bar and before you know it the chef was sending out free goodies!

Why? We have no idea!

Maybe they had heard about our Subway bust and decided to reward us?!!


New York Part II


The morning after dinner with D and her family I woke to an apartment full of sleeping beauties.

Stephanie and Dara in the living room, Noey and I in the bedroom.

I put on some water for mate and crawled onto the sofa with the girls while we giggled about the night before.


Back in The Big Easy


It’s been one year three months one week and two days since I last stepped foot on US grounds.

For now I’m back in my hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana for exactly 17 days.