Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie & Bourbon Sauce


One of the most frequent questions we get at NOLA, ‘Is it hard to find ingredients for your dishes?’ and the answer is YES.

There is no crawfish. There are no reasonably priced fresh oysters. No andouille. No chilis! Ohhh the list could go on.

But instead of focusing on the negative let’s look at the positive.

Pecan pie.

That we can do in Buenos Aires. Possibly even better in Buenos Aires!

And it’s one of the easiest pastries you can make.

We’ve been experimenting at the restaurant with this recipe.

Sometimes we keep it classic and sometimes we add a touch of orange.

Lately I’ve been adding a tiny bit of dark chocolate and serving it with whipped cream or creme anglaise, both spiked with a bit of bourbon.


chocolate & chili puffs, pate a choux


I was responsible for last weeks postre del dia (pastry of the day) at Mexican Pop-Up. Normally the BA Pie Lady supplies the sweets on Thursday nights, but this particular week I was on my own. Which at first I wasn’t too thrilled about but then got REALLY INTO after my second or third coffee….