Mardi Gras celebrations at Nola!


Hola hola!

How is everyone? Cold? Melting? Happy with 2015 so far?

Things are good here. Other than the mosquitos!

I swear they’re breeding in my apartment. It’s actually something I’m trying to figure out. They love my closets!! And the kitchen. What’s up with that? Don’t they need to breed in water? Every time I open one of the closet doors (yes, one of them, we have like 10! Amazeballs, I know.) like 20+ mosquitos fly out. WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THIS? Seriously, tell me.

On to more exciting things… Mardi Gras is around the corner!


Things are really, really good!


First off- many thanks to those of you who have reached out over the past couple of months regarding my living situation.

Incredible the amount of generousity and kindness that I got to experience. The good really does come with the bad. Not all reactions were positive, understandably so as everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion. I chose to share a personal experience, raw and in the moment. Like most moments, it was a learning experience, and a big one.

I am beyond thankful (and a bit wiser, so I think!) for this roller coaster I’ve been riding over the past few months.

Luckily, the roller coaster has stopped and it left me in the most dashing of places!


Chochan Pop-Up at Nola, Sunday, November 16


This Sunday we’re hosting another Pop-Up here at Nola!

It’s going to be a night of pork, pork and more pork.

I assume for those of you in Buenos Aires, you know about Chochan down in San Telmo? If not, GO NOW. And order the sandwich de lengua and 10 hamburgers. Best burger I’ve had in BA. Hands down. If she was on my end of town, I’d be inhaling those babies everyday. Word.

Well, we’re lucky enough to have the chef/owner, aka badass Naiara, taking over our Palermo kitchen with a menu that is guaranteed to leave you oinking. Another woman in the kitchen, I LOVE IT.

As always, doors open at 5 with happy hour til 8, featuring 30 peso pints of Broeders Artesanal on tap.

The menu-

Tacos de lengua & Tacos Vegetarianos

Ribs con tamarindo con ensalada de mango y repollo

Croquetas de papa y morcilla con alioli de manzana

Ssäm de panceta con remolacha

Némesis de choco amagro con crema y toffee

Reminder- the regular NOLA menu will not be available Sunday, November 16. The pig is taking over!

Reservations are not accepted and the kitchen closes at 11:30, or when we run out of food, which tends to be around 10:30/11 mas o menos on Pop-Up nights. As always, there is no table service at Nola, order at the bar and pick up your food from the kitchen when your name is called.

The night will be cash only and NOLA is located at Gorrtiti 4389, corner of Julian Alvarez.

Have a great weekend, and please forgive me for the previous cursing, PawPaw!


Mexican Street Food Pop-Up, Monday Sept 29


This Monday at Nola we’re hosting our first Pop-Up!


Chef Santi Macías from iLatina is taking over the kitchen slinging Mexican street food after feeling inspired from his latest travels.

Doors open at 5 and close at midnight.

As always, no reservations and cash only.

Micheladas and jalapeño margaritas will be served along with four styles of Broeders Artesanal on tap.

There will be no fried chicken or other Nola offerings. Santi’s menu will feature tacos, flautas, quesadillas and a couple other spicy goodies.

Prices range from 50-100 pesos per plate.

Happy hour from 5-8 with 30 peso pints.

Location- Gorriti 4389, corner of Julian Alvarez, Palermo Viejo.


Expect more of these type of events at Nola! On Monday, October 13th we’ll be doing another Pop-Up with Chef Jose Alvarez, sous chef of Union Square Cafe in NYC. He’s moving to Buenos Aires and we couldn’t be more excited to have such another talented chef take over our kitchen, this time with Puerto Rican cuisine!

Besos and buen finde!


Te quiero, La Alacena Cafe


I can’t express how thankful I am for

For those of you outside of BA… Pick up the Fork is BA’s biggest food blog and it happens to be in English. The Chicago blonde responsible for it’s hilarious content has been in Argentina for nearly a decade braving new and old restaurants to which she then shares her experiences doing the homework for all of us hungry lazy eaters.

A month or so ago she published an article on new places that have recently opened (NOLA Gastropub included!) and luckily a few of them are not too far from my door.

La Alacena is one of the featured restaurants and my new go-to lunch spot, a treasure in this laid back capital.


Lil bit of life!



Wednesday afternoon here in Buenos Aires, and while the bread rises and Stevie Nicks fills the restaurant, I’ve managed to somehow carve out a few minutes to give you a bit of what’s going on here in my new crazy life.

First off, Wednesdays are my new Mondays. And I must admit it’s quite strange on Wednesdays when I see friends and my BA family and one of the first things out my mouth is, ‘how was your weekend?’. I get a lot of funny looks these days…

Lots of new things these days truthfully!

Where shall we begin?




It’s Sunday morning (well, half past one actually) and I have a bit of Liza time before I have to head to NOLA. We had our first rain last night in a long time and there is something a bit serene about this particular Sunday morning. I am very much appreciating stillness these days!


My favorite piece of NOLA Gastropub press


On Sunday we were featured in the local paper.

I realized this at around 5pm and couldn’t hit the streets in search for a copy as the kitchen was already in full swing for Happy Hour service at NOLA Gastropub.
Luckily the journalist tweeted a link and I hurried to the computer, sat down with my hot lemon water and gave it a read.
It’s written so well, it almost seems like a tale.

I love it and thought you might enjoy it too, so here it is-