NOLA breakfast sammie & cheesy grits


I was in charge of the kitchen on my last trip back home to New Orleans.

This was the first for me as that’s generally Dad’s territory.

I did the shopping, prep, cooking, cleaning, todo.

Every time I went to the grocery I came back with crab meat, crawfish tales, shrimp, catfish, I just couldn’t get enough of the selection and low prices!

One day sister asked if I would make breakfast. She’s older. Intimidating at times. She just published a book. How could I say no?!!

I went all out.


Gulf Shrimp Mexican Fiesta


Going through all these New York photos is really making me crave all those sweet Gulf shrimp that I was shoveling in my mouth day after day while back home in NOLA.

That and my recent discovery of The Middle Finger Project which is currently rocking my world and making me feel un-fucking stoppable. (Sorry, family, but it was bound to happen!)

The connection?

I want shrimp everyday, even in Buenos Aires!

And for that to happen, I need to be a baller. Because shrimp are damn expensive here in Argentina. Why? I don’t know! BA is on the Coast, just like New Orleans. People assume that it’s South America so everything should automatically be inexpensive, right? Wrong.

Shit’s expensive.


Gulf Coast Adventures


I haven’t stopped eating out since I arrived in New Orleans!

It’s getting a bit ridiculous. But how am I suppose to say no?! So much temptation. So much seafood.


Dinner at Peche, NOLA


Chef Donal Link has opened another knock out restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana. What’s this, restaurant #5, Chef? Maybe you’ve heard of his first places, Herbsaint or Cochon? Or perhaps his sandwich shop, Butcher? (love that name)


City Park & Beignets, NOLA


City Park is big, green and covered in moss.

It’s the 6th biggest park in the USA and almost double the size of Central Park.

If you’ve got little ones check out Story Land and please let me know if the lady bug rollercoaster is still in motion.

If you’re in City Park and have an appetite grab some beignets & chicory coffee from Morning Call.

If you’re into music festivals check out Voodoo Fest which is held in City Park every Halloween weekend. They have some big acts. I believe my last appearance I saw… the Pixies, Beastie Boys and Green Day back to back. Go! This year’s lineup is looking pretty good!

Needless to say City Park is pretty amazing.

Sister and I went to take some photos in the late morning before the heat index dominated the day.

Crazy childhood memories came to mind as we got lost in the trees. There was so much moss I think it triggered some Fraggle Rock flashbacks and before you know it I was really craving some beignets.


Lunch at Lucky Rooster, NOLA


In a city with such a rich food scene deciding on where to eat can be such a task! How does one choose when there are so many options? Do you go with the older classic New Orleans dives or one of the many new establishments that are putting a modern twist on local ingredients? […]