Te quiero, La Alacena Cafe


I can’t express how thankful I am for pickupthefork.com.

For those of you outside of BA… Pick up the Fork is BA’s biggest food blog and it happens to be in English. The Chicago blonde responsible for it’s hilarious content has been in Argentina for nearly a decade braving new and old restaurants to which she then shares her experiences doing the homework for all of us hungry lazy eaters.

A month or so ago she published an article on new places that have recently opened (NOLA Gastropub included!) and luckily a few of them are not too far from my door.

La Alacena is one of the featured restaurants and my new go-to lunch spot, a treasure in this laid back capital.


Buenos Aires faves, Baraka


Other than Sarkis (post to come) Baraka is my only go-to place where the food is consistently scrumptious. If you don’t have much of an appetite grab a refreshing liquado (smoothie more or less) or un cafe de Costa Rica, my absolute favorite type of coffee!  This has a lot to do with why I heart Baraka […]