My favorite piece of NOLA Gastropub press


On Sunday we were featured in the local paper.

I realized this at around 5pm and couldn’t hit the streets in search for a copy as the kitchen was already in full swing for Happy Hour service at NOLA Gastropub.
Luckily the journalist tweeted a link and I hurried to the computer, sat down with my hot lemon water and gave it a read.
It’s written so well, it almost seems like a tale.

I love it and thought you might enjoy it too, so here it is-


June 26, last Beer Night at NOLA


Hola friends!

Quick and last minute note that tonight will be our last Beer Night with Broeders Artesnal here in Palermo.

But don’t worry!

It’s because we’re so close to opening the gastropub and we need to stock up on as much craft beer as possible!

The past year has been a blast working with brothers Marce and Ticol (aka Francisco) on Thursday nights. We experimented with countless fried chicken & biscuit recipes as well as sampled some of their interesting brews such as Golden Rosemary, Basil IPA and Pecan Stout.


We’re opening a restaurant, y’all!


Buenos Aires puerta cerrada NOLA is taking the next step and opening a new gastropub style restaurant in Palermo Viejo. The focus will be an after office crowd with local craft beer by Broeders Artesanal, Argentine wines, fried chicken, gumbo and other New Orleans style dishes.


2013 Recap


In keeping up with last years recap of 2012, I am proudly presenting (a bit late) some highlights from 2013, my third full year abroad in Argentina.

Shall we start at the beginning?


A healthy getaway at Puesto Viejo Polo Club


A couple of weeks back I had my first estancia experience just outside of Buenos Aires at a place called Puesto Viejo Polo Club. A day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t dreamt about my next visit.

I will give you the story and loads of photos….


Organic Coconut Oil in Buenos Aires


I know!

This is exciting, right?!

It’s a big moment and I feel like I must share it with all you beautiful people in Buenos Aires!!

Yesterday a bottle of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil was purchased on Soler at Granomadre in Palermo.