staying focused

NOLAchef-puglia-italy-sunsetIt’s been one of those mornings!

Something feels disconnected and I’m doubtful with everything.

I did yoga.  That didn’t help.

It actually frustrated me more because yoga is ‘Liza time’ but I couldn’t seem to let go of the darkness and find my balance.

I’m pretty sure I know what the root of the problem is.  But man it’s a hard one to face!!

Consequences, expectations-  things could get ugly.

But I guess that’s something I have to accept, right?  I mean, it’s ugly enough as it is.

Could it get worse?  Yes.  Probably.

And I am horrible at being fake.

Will it be worth it?  I don’t know.  Bridges could be burned!!

But this situation has to change.  But can it?  I mean, really can it?  Do people actually change?  From my experience, no.

There is just so much hypocrisy, contradiction, lies, manipulation!

How am I suppose to be around that?

I mean, really, how am I suppose to just ‘let that go’ and not let this negative force affect me?

So I’m writing for help!

NOLAchef needs some good vibes sent her way.  That and some strength to grow a pair and just fucking go for it.

I need to stay focused and put up my powerful fabulous shield of no bullshit.

Thanks for listening, that is all.



  1. Allan says

    Dear Superchick Liza,

    I promise to raise my glass to you today and send good vibes to you through the collective consciousness, where, with luck, they’ll expand in energy and momentum!
    Un abrazo!

  2. Sarah says

    I was studying in Argentina and started to read your blog..back in the states now and still love reading about BA/life. Sending buenas ondas. Keep up the great work!

  3. Kate says

    The way people handdle themselves here can be somewhat overwealming and your left with not knowing how to handdle it
    Hang in there and dont loose focus on you and whats important to you, people around you come and go and sometimes just because you want to see good in people doesnt nessesarily mean they deserve it.


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