Spring strawberries!


The streets are gorgeous and the sun is warming the city and it’s just absolute perfection before the December humidity roles in.

Jacarandas are in full bloom (gorgeous tall trees bursting with purple flowers) and everyone just seems to be in a bloody good mood!

I highly recommend jumping on your bike and riding through the Palermo streets listening to Cesarie Evora. Pure bliss I tell ya!

One of my favorite Spring perks-  strawberries!

I recently bought this crate for 75 pesos.  That’s 5 kilos aka 12 pounds for 10 bucks!

I’m so happy.

We’re having loads of fresh juice thanks to my Vita Mix that I dragged over from New Orleans on my recent trip back home.


But even better…  strawberry pie!

I found this fun little recipe over at Joy the Baker which involves fresh ginger and nutmeg.

We served them at Beer Night this week and the crowd just raved about them!

Wishing you all a happy weekend with loads of pie, sunshine and Spring time happiness no matter where in the world you are.




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