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With the new year rolling in and my new chalkboard wall to write more and more To-Do lists I have made it a daily priority to be more aware.

Aware of what I’m putting in my body.  Aware of my attitude.  Aware of how I’m spending my free time and how I could be bettering my life by focusing just a tad more.

Let’s not forget awareness of money.  I’m planning my first trip to Europe!  I’m super pumped and can’t calm down enough to pick my destinations.  As of now Spain, Croatia, and Italy are at the top of my list.  But the more I research the more I want to add Bosnia & Montenegro.  Suggestions, friends?!!

So with my big 6 week adventure months away I will spend less and eat better.  Sigh…..

Luckily being aware of what I’m eating will help me save, give me confidence and be a more positive person.  I like all those traits!  Nobody likes a debbie downer.  And what’s worse than feeling self-conscience in my tiny Brazilian style bikini while surrounded by beautiful Europeans?!  So I guess I revoke my sigh and welcome the challenge!  ¡Vamos 2013!

If you’ve been following NOLAchef then you know veggies and whole grains is the best route for my health.  It’s so strange how our bodies react so differently than others.  Three of my best girlfriends were told by specialists to not eat vegetables, nuts, seeds or fruits.  That their bodies don’t digest them therefore causing stomach problems.  I can’t imagine this.  A life without vegetables and juicy fruits, what a let down!  But it goes to show how different we all really are.

So today I bring you my skinny girl lunch.  A meal guaranteed to fill you up, provide loads of nutrients and it takes less than 30 minutes!

If you can keep cooked brown rice in your fridge then it’s a 10 minute meal.  I used zucchini and cherry tomatoes for this recipe because they are in season here in Buenos Aires.  Use whatever is local and you’re bound to get the most of your veggies.


Skinny Girl Lunch  ::

  • 1 medium onion, sliced
  • handful of cherry tomatoes, whole
  • 10 baby portobello mushrooms, halved
  • zucchini, cut in half moons 
  • serrano chili, thin rounds
  • garlic, minced
  • fresh ginger, grated
  • lime
  • sesame oil
  • soy sauce
  • salt & pepper
  • olive oil 
  • brown rice

Place the tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil in a saute pan and place it over low/medium heat.  You want to cook the tomatoes low and slow.  They will get wrinkled and become really soft after about 15 minutes.  Season them with salt & pepper and transfer to working bowl.  Tomatoes like this are my new obsession.  I love serving them with crunchy endives and crispy sweetbreads.  It’s a juicy explosion these little tomatoes!

Prep your vegetables and place the pan back over the flame.  This time a high flame.

Add another drop of oil and add the onion and jalapeno.  Cook til translucent, add the mushrooms and garlic and cook for 10 minutes.  Toss in the zucchini and grated ginger.  Cook til the zucchini becomes slightly limp and season with salt & pepper.  Add a big splash of soy, juice of one lime and a light drizzle of sesame oil.  Toss well and serve over brown ride.



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