Peruvian and a movie in Belgrano


I’m not really sure what’s been going on these past few weeks.

Something in the air perhaps.

Maybe it’s summer.

Life has been really magical lately.  Europe planning, fancy drinks, grown-up clothes.  

Better choices all around.  

Hello, 2013!

Wednesday night Francisco and I ventured to Belgrano for dinner and a movie.

It might be our new weekly thing!  

Quiet streets, old cinema, crazy good Peruvian food, cute boy.


Having recently seen Beasts of the Southern Wild (go NOW!) as well as The Hobbit we have waited for Life of Pi to hit the screens in Buenos Aires.

It has arrived!

It’s aaaamazing.  Powerful.  Intense.  I may have cried like 5 times.  And I was holding back!  

After the show we strolled to the small super casual Primavera Trujillana.  

Having gone once before we knew the ceviche mixto and maracuya pisco sours was the route to go. 


We also ordered one of their house specialties, a shrimp with roasted pepper cream sauce and white rice.  

I love white rice and sauce.  Especially if there’s seafood involved.

It think it’s the New Orleans in me.  

It was a really good dinner.

You must go.

And there are loads of good films out!

Take a date night.

Or cry your eyes out at Les Miserables with your best gal pal!

Loving you, BA.



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