NOLA Burgers POP-UP & Broeders Artesanal


Hola, Buenos Aires!

I’m super pumped to announce that NOLA will be hosting their first Pop-Up event this Thursday evening here in Palermo.

Remember two years ago when I was popping up at The Office Baires slinging po’boys, smothered fried fish and all that jazz?  

Well now The Office is coming to us!!

The scoop-

Alan, former owner of The Office, and I will be in charge of the grub and tunes.  

The guys from Broeders Artesanal will be pouring pints of their famous IPA and Scottish Ale.

We’re keeping it casual with NOLA Burgers-  blackened burger, remoulade sauce, pickles, cheese, lettuce & tomatoes on homemade brioche buns, Cajun fries & Roasted Jalapeno Slaw.  Price per person, 70 pesos. 

Space is limited so make your reservation fast at

Thursday, August 8 at 9:30pm.


  1. says

    Sounds like a great deal! Sorry, I can’t attend. Now, if you POP-UP in DFW, I’ll make it for sure. I might even be inclined to go to NOLA if you POPPED-UP there. Sadly, BA is a 12 hour nonstop flight but I will be thinking about you. :) Continued good luck and success.


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