mystical ICED coffee


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Iced coffee, a mystery in Buenos Aires.  WHY?  This is a very warm and humid city with a big coffee culture.  And, who wants to drink scorching coffee when it’s so hot out?!  These little things make me miss life in New York…

This post is dedicated to all the cafes and waiters who can’t understand the simplicity of an iced coffee.  Listen and learn, por favor.  I guarantee business (and tips) will increase.

How to prepare iced coffee  (2 cups) ::

  • 4 TBS of your favorite coffee grains, mine- Costa Rican or chicory New Orleans blend
  • 2 cups of water

Use double the amount of coffee grains as you normally would.  The coffee will be served over ice which will dilute the flavor, so don’t be frugal.

Combine the coffee grains and water (2 TBS coffee to 1 cup of water) in a french press or pitcher with lid.  DO NOT use hot water.

Place in fridge and allow to steep over night.

Strain and pour over ice.  Add milk if desired, give it a shake, and grab a straw.  Enjoy.

*If you’re into sweet coffee, try replacing sugar with condensed milk and give it a good shake, like the Vietnamese do.






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