Meet Chelo, our contractor!

NOLAchef-NOLA-Buenos-Aires-Argentina-restaurant-Palermo-Cajun-Creole-cuisineMeet Marcelo aka Chelo, an Argentino that’s been working in the construction business for over 30 years.

We’re thrilled to have him on our NOLA team!

I actually first met Chelo at one of my Mexican Pop-Up events a couple of years back and he’d sit at the counter top of the open kitchen and sip whisky on the rocks while we talked about our shared obsession of Led Zeppelin.  Who would have known we’d be doing business together in the future?!

Finding the right contractor was probably our hardest decision.  This is a big deal!  We have to construct EVERYTHING. It’s literally an empty box.

What we need – 2 bathrooms, an industrial kitchen (designed for city certification), bar, office space, and upgrade the facade. Oh right, and knock down a loft style second floor and remove massive steel bars that cross multiple walls that were once used for shelving from the previous tenants, replace the metal curtain and outside sidewalk.

And loads of plumbing, electrical, and gas work.  And a poo canal.  That’s right, a poo canal to take all the waste to the big poo avenues!  Crazy this whole underground poo system that exists beneath the streets we’re struttin’ our stuff on day after day.  The things we’re learning!

So this was a big decision. Who to hire? We met with a couple of contractors, got estimates and vibes and decided on Chelo.

He claims the job will require 30 working days.

We shall see, Chelo!!


  1. Tez says

    He sounds perfect! Those are my favorite business partners, the ones I meet serendipitously over whiskey and shared pleasures.

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