macarons de Les Croquants


If you’re in Buenos Aires and craving something sweet other than dulce de leche, alfajores or brownie head to Colegiales, grab a seat at the small counter and get your macaron on. 

Les Croquants is a small corner pastry shop dishing out dozens of macarons, mini cupcakes, cake pops and other sugary snacks.  The ambiance could use a little love, but luckily their pistachio and orange-chocolate macarons make up for it.

Zabala 3402 corner of Delgado

4554. 2857

Tuesday- Saturday 11.30 til 8,  Sunday 1 til 8


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    They have some great macaroons in Palermo Hollywood too. Sorry this post is kind of useless because I can’t remember exactly where (I’m becoming notoriously bad about that), but the name is something like “the place of the dessert” but in Spanish I seem to remember, but that could be wrong. ha! They do specialize in macaroons though, and I really liked them.

    It’s funny, now that I am back in California I can get almost everything but a good macaroon! In fact, I bought some at Whole Foods the other day and they were COCONUT macaroons, totally not what I was wanting. What are these called here in West Coast USA?

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