letting go

NOLAchef-buenos-aires-blog-palermo-treesHola amigos!

Just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words you’ve sent my way the past couple of days.

You definitely raised my spirits and helped calm my mind and I’m so appreciative!

I’ve been walking the streets of Palermo, a lot, trying to get some air and help balance things out.

It’s been raining insane amounts here in BA which has set a nice tone to bring all this into perspective.

You try to see the good in people and then they let you down, over and over.

Maybe I’m too naive or have too big of expectations which is highly possible, but I’m done.

The anxiety and stress, they’re just not worth it!!

No, I can’t stop it 100% if they’re in my life.  It’s not my choice.

But I forbid they’re fria onda to take me down with them!  Just because they’re filled with negative energy doesn’t mean they can put it on me.   I’m blocking that shit.  WORD.

And this was a lesson I learned many years ago, I must have gotten wrapped up in it all!!!

So here’s to letting go.

Thanks again for the love, my heart needed it and is very grateful!


  1. Edu says

    Hola Nola. Que lástima que tengas mala experiencia con gente de acá.
    Yo creo q hay buena y mala gente en todos lados. Pero es Cierto que es fácil desilusionarse con gente que está en un país tan atravesado por la corrupción como ejemplo cotidiano.
    Espero no te desanimes y sigas con los proyectos que te hacen feliz. Seguro hay muchos q lo aprecian.
    Yo hoy voy a hacer la receta del brioche q me pasaste el otro día.
    Buen día!

    • says

      Hola Edu y mil gracias!! Si, no importa de donde son, hay gente con mala onda en todos los lugares! Por triste este es una puta madre a full y me hace tan loca y tengo dificiles a cerrar mi boca y cabeza a veces, sabes?!! Pero bueno, RELAJADA AHORA. Casi. Buen finde y beso grande!

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