I don’t get it!  Why is it so hard to find a decent falafel is this giant European metropolis known as Buenos Aires?  

Si si, I was spoiled in NY living off the corner of Bleecker Street, the home to 3 delicious falafel stands within a block of each other, but come on, it’s not like they entail loco ingredients or ANY technique other than pulsing chickpeas/herbs in a food processor and deep-frying!!

So far I’ve attempted 4 places-  Sarkis, a couple of Palermo shawarma stands, and Panaderia Armenia on calle Scalabrini Ortiz.  Not only are the falafels DRY and TASTELESS but they can’t even get the crunchy outside right!  ¿Y  por qué?  This is a land that fries bread covered meat, religiously.  What gives, BA?!!



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