Deals on Meals


Hello fellow cooks and welcome to the start of a new series, Deals on Meals.  The concept behind Deals on Meals is to teach others how to prepare wholesome cheap tasty dishes.  Each meal will not exceed 20 pesos as long as your kitchen has the essential ingredients. 

Dale, many of the dishes will be vegetarian since the prices of beef, chicken, and pork are quite steep these days.  However when I do cook meats I try to keep the expenses at a minimum by buying the whole bird (you get way more for your money using this method) and by purchasing the tougher aka cheaper cuts of meats (bondiola de cerdo, paleta, vacio) and cooking them low and slow.  Each meal will also be rather healthy so expect lots of grains, legumes, and veggies.  Sometimes the price of the meal will be for one portion and other times more.  This will be stated with the price.  Cost of wine not included.

Prices are in Argentine pesos and vary depending on which barrio you are shopping in.  99% of the groceries will be bought from barrio chino, Casa Naturista, and my favorite Villa Crespo carniceríaverdulería.  I highly recommend buying as little as possible from big supermarkets & chinos.  Why?  Because the quality of fruits, veggies, and grains are quite unpleasant, the prices are nearly double (seriously a pack of mushrooms at my verdulería is 7 and at my super they’re 17!) and I’d much rather give my hard-earned pesos to small businesses as opposed to corporate chains of Disco y Carrefour.  Yes yes I’m sure the fancy Disco on Avenida Quintana boost a thriving vegetable selection, but not all of us can afford the “high-life” in the lovely yet stiff Recoleta.  And for the many of you living in Palermo I suggest heading over to Villa Crespo to do your shopping- the exercise and 30% you will save are worth the small trek or 1.10 peso bus ride.

Bueno, I think I’ve covered all grounds.  Til’ next time….!



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