Soup is one of my absolute favorite things to cook.  It’s inexpensive, made in one pot for easy clean up, and the creations are endless.  I can throw it on the stove and continue with life while it simmers away.  Soup is a beautiful thing.

Some things you should know about soup.

- Stock is your friend.  Make some and freeze it in an ice-cube tray so you have smaller portions and don’t defrost more than you need to use.

- Start by cooking your mirepoix Generally your mirepoix is supposed to be 1/3 of your ingredients in a sauce/soup.  I go a bit heavier with soups, especially if it’s vegetarian.  The longer you cook your mirepoix the richer the soup will be.

- If you’re making a white or clear soup, don’t brown your vegetables while cooking them or it will affect the color.

- To thicken your soup sprinkle flour over the cooked veggies, cook for 30 seconds then add your liquid.  If doing this, always bring the liquid to a boil to cook out the flour taste.

- If adding cream do this at the end and don’t let it boil to where it curdles.  However, if curdling happens you can always puree it in a blender to remove the lumps.

- Make sure to remove any grease/fat that floats to the surface while cooking.  I like to use a small ladle and run it around the border of the pot.

- If you’re feeling naughty add a big dollop of cold butter at the very end.  Once the butter is in, stir until melted and do not allow to boil or it will break.

- Don’t forget to season your soup!  Throw in plenty of spices, herbs, salt & pepper.

Looking for a simple and cheap soup recipe that is dangerously addictive?  Click here.


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