If you care about your body you feed it leafy greens.  Colored vegetables have many minerals and anti-oxidants.  They can never be underestimated, they give you more vitality than anything else.  Eat your vegetables.

-  WASH & DRY YOUR VEGETABLES.  Get a salad spinner, it will save you so much time and headache.  Submerge your leaves under cold water and repeat until the water comes out super clear.  Dry well, especially delicate leaves like arugula.  

-  USE A LARGE MIXING BOWL.  Salads should be tossed which requires plenty of space to fluff.  I always prepare my salads in my large ‘cake mix’ bowl and then transfer it to a serving bowl.  I find this works best and looks cleaner!

-  ADD CHEESES, NUTS & DRESSING LAST.  Apply the dressing by pouring it along the inside walls so it slides down the bowl.  Toss so everything is evenly coated.  Don’t drown your leaves!  The dressing should compliment the salad, not over power it.  To finish add cheese and nuts, toss again and serve.

-  SEASON YOUR SALAD.  Always lightly season your salad with salt & pepper.  

-  DRESSINGS.  Throw out the bottles and start making your own.  Using citrus is a great way to lift up your salad and cut back on oils.  Fresh orange juice and balsamic vinegar go really well together, try it!  A ripe avocado can be the base of a creamy dressing without all the fat.  Always make your dressings before prepping your salad so it has time to infuse.

-  BE CREATIVE.  Salads don’t have to be lettuce, tomato, and onion.  OK, Argentina?  Mix in fruits-seeds-nuts-cheeses-olives-beans, go crazy with it!!

Check out my favorite arugula, Spring, Mexican, and French salads.  


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    Balsamic and orange juice sounds like a good combo! I’m definitely going to try that. Great tip about pouring dressing on the wall of the bowl for even coating – genius !!

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