chocolate love affair

NOLAchef-baraka-cafe-palermo-chocolate-cake-buenos-airesIt was one of those strange days.  Too gorgeous out to be indoors but still too chilly for shorts.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted so I grabbed my Air and headed to the terraza over at Baraka.

The friendly moza (waitress) asks if I want my usual Costa Rican coffee.  SI, por favor.

I also want something else, something sweet.  What do you suggest?  She responds with torta de chocolate (chocolate cake).  I bring you half a portion.  

She’s the most divine chocolate slice I’ve ever had.  She’s flour-less and not too sweet.  It’s so moist.  The bitter-sweet berries are her perfect companion.  I’m in love, again.



  1. Irina says

    Love is in the air! After reading this post I had to go and taste this piece of heaven. I still can’t believe how delicious it was!! Thank goodness I have a picture to stare at all night, mmmm…

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