Fall sweet potato & sage soup


New soup recipe! She’s healthy and practically vegan!

Ticol and I have been such little gordos lately.

Burgers, pork milanesas, asados, empanadas, it’s just been so easy when you’re wearing tights and oversized sweaters.

Sunday night we were adamant about a ‘light dinner’ as our bodies couldn’t handle anything heavy, especially more meat.

I wound up making this soup with leftover chicken stock and a quick run to the verdulería (vegetable stand).


butternut squash, coconut & cayenne soup


This soup is everything!

Like a bowl of Fall with the most velvety texture.

The addition of coconut milk and cayenne chilis raise the bar on this classic soup and momentarily transplants me to the beach.

She’s simple and uber healthy. She’s actually vegan! That was not my intention.

And by all means, feel free to richen her up with butter, cream, or a bit of salty pork!


Summer juicin’ & Happy New Year!


Hey guys!

Apologies for the hiatus.

Work has been busy the past couple of months and new projects are aligning which unfortunately means little energy or time for the blog. I will do my best to keep y’all up to date as we’ve got some interesting stuff in the works happening here in Buenos Aires!


NOLA breakfast sammie & cheesy grits


I was in charge of the kitchen on my last trip back home to New Orleans.

This was the first for me as that’s generally Dad’s territory.

I did the shopping, prep, cooking, cleaning, todo.

Every time I went to the grocery I came back with crab meat, crawfish tales, shrimp, catfish, I just couldn’t get enough of the selection and low prices!

One day sister asked if I would make breakfast. She’s older. Intimidating at times. She just published a book. How could I say no?!!

I went all out.


Summer Iced Mate


I can’t seem to get a grip on things lately.

Shits off, y’all.

Supposedly Christmas is next week however there is zero Christmas spirit happening in Buenos Aires.

Christmas pool parties vs. ugly sweaters.

It’s so bizarre.

I haven’t seen a Christmas tree or heard any slay bells, that’s for sure.

More like power outages and sirens.

It’s been in the 90’s all week and I think the heat is getting to everyone, especially the men. They’re acting aggressively horny and it’s… definitely a turn off.

And these crazy mass robberies are happening around town. Large groups of people with poles & weapons breaking into stores and stealing merchandise and the cash box.

This happened in the past (supposedly 2002) and they targeted electronic and grocery stores.

This week most stores have their gates down and everyone seems to be on the defense. Police are all over the street (in Palermo).

The energy is weird and I’m not a fan.

Within 2 days our local chino got trashed, Ticol witnessed a car break-in and a friend’s Mom got a fake ‘We’ve kidnapped your son’ call.


To help cool things off (and myself) I’ve been preparing iced mate.

Ticol taught me and I can’t seem to stop.

It’s simple, refreshing and a bit of a stimulant.

Also a great way to stay hydrated, something our bodies (skin, brain, todo!) needs.


Maracuya & Blueberry Pancakes


Morning y’all.

Things got a bit crazy in the kitchen yesterday morning, thanks to a big batch of fresh blueberries.

Ya see, my BA godmother is a blueberry farmer and it’s harvest time.

She has a farm in Suipacha and she’s beyond generous. Her company is called Il Mirtilo (the blueberry in Italian) and it’s growing like crazy. You can find her and their tasty products at the Buenos Aires Market, Caminos y Sabores, Masticar, todo!
You can say they’re in the scene. She works hard and I totally look up to her in a powerful female kind of way!
Fresh blueberries on their own are dreamy and I assume we don’t need to get into the details of how good this super food is for you (considered one of the healthiest foods in the world!) but just in case check out this article here.

I like to eat them with oatmeal during the cold season and plain during the warm weather.

Also in the blender! I just brought my Vita Prep from the states (YES, I lugged that beast of a blender all the way from NOLA -> NYC -> BA) and I couldn’t be more glad.

I’m all about the blending of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Great way to give my body what it wants and deserves and a nice little booster for skin and overall awesomeness.

This recipe is nothing like that!


Sometimes a girl needs to misbehave.

Am I right, chicas?!


Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie & Bourbon Sauce


One of the most frequent questions we get at NOLA, ‘Is it hard to find ingredients for your dishes?’ and the answer is YES.

There is no crawfish. There are no reasonably priced fresh oysters. No andouille. No chilis! Ohhh the list could go on.

But instead of focusing on the negative let’s look at the positive.

Pecan pie.

That we can do in Buenos Aires. Possibly even better in Buenos Aires!

And it’s one of the easiest pastries you can make.

We’ve been experimenting at the restaurant with this recipe.

Sometimes we keep it classic and sometimes we add a touch of orange.

Lately I’ve been adding a tiny bit of dark chocolate and serving it with whipped cream or creme anglaise, both spiked with a bit of bourbon.


30 second salad dressing


Another reason I love Buenos Aires, the grocery stores are so much smaller!

Not stocked to the max with pre-made everything’s.

Yes, of course there are loads of processed junk, cookies, and chips (mostly ham flavored, eek!) but it doesn’t even compare to what’s happening in the USA.

I remember as a kid there were so many options for salad dressings!

Italian, Creamy Italian, Ranch, Ranch with Bacon, Guacamole Ranch, Honey Mustard, Honey Mustard Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese (vomit!), Chunky Blue Cheese (vomit for days!) Caesar, Thousand Island, Light, Fat Free, Wishbone, Hidden Valley, TODO!

All in their pretty labels with an expiration date 10 years in the future.

No gracias!


Gulf Shrimp Mexican Fiesta


Going through all these New York photos is really making me crave all those sweet Gulf shrimp that I was shoveling in my mouth day after day while back home in NOLA.

That and my recent discovery of The Middle Finger Project which is currently rocking my world and making me feel un-fucking stoppable. (Sorry, family, but it was bound to happen!)

The connection?

I want shrimp everyday, even in Buenos Aires!

And for that to happen, I need to be a baller. Because shrimp are damn expensive here in Argentina. Why? I don’t know! BA is on the Coast, just like New Orleans. People assume that it’s South America so everything should automatically be inexpensive, right? Wrong.

Shit’s expensive.