churros at El Topo



Churros, the tastiest pastry Buenos Aires has to offer.  SUPER thin flaky layers of fried crispy dough stuffed with dulce de leche and sprinkled with sugar.

El Topo makes the best!  Their original location is in Villa Gesell nearby Mar Azul.  

Now they have a spot in Palermo.  It’s a mini churro factory ONE BLOCK from my apartment.  And they’re only 2 pesos each, which is like 50 cents!!  Double trouble.

Did you notice my fun NOLA plate?!  Courtesy of my talented mother, thank you very much!  That’s right, Mom’s a potter.  Like the pottery, not Harry.

El Topo

Serrano 1331 at Niceto Vega in Palermo Soho

4778. 5714

Monday- Sunday 7-12, 15- 19.30

cash only, DELIVERY


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