Buenos Aires faves, Cafe Origen


Down the path from Plaza Dorrego lies Origen, a small cafe on a quiet corner in San Telmo.

I had the best veggie burger of my life here.  

Best veggie burger of my life IN ARGENTINA!


She was crispy on the outside, filling and made mostly of bulgur.

Loads of caramelized onion and cheese brought moisture and added texture.

A simple yet large salad was served alongside boycotting an unnecessary bun.

Super healthy.

There were many menu options that were grabbing my attention making it a difficult decision.  

My kind & adventurous dining companion opted for the reasonably priced menu of the day, a big piece of broiled fish with veggies and a glass of wine.

It was such a memorable meal.


Humberto Primo 599 corner of Peru

4362 7979

Monday & Tuesday –  8am to 4pm

Wednesday – Sunday –  8am to 4pm, 8pm – close



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