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Last week the novio and I went out for a night on the town to celebrate our hard work and early success at Nola.

I wore my new white Parisian dress compliments of the mastermind behind Retrator and him in his finest NY apparel from our spring travels.

The evening began with martinis in the secluded garden at The Fierro Hotel in Palermo Hollywood.  Service was flawless and the drinks properly made.  Outstanding first impression, Fierro.  We hope to be back for your Thank Fierro It’s Friday cocktail hour.  YES.

We had snagged a dinner reservation at Local after swooning over the write-up by my pork loving friend.  We approached the simple yet sleek restaurant, took our seats by the window and instantly began the ‘what are we having’ conversation as our eyes illuminated from the menu.

We ordered three things to share and a tasty bottle of Cabernet Franc.  A warm bread basket with seasoned butter was brought to the table followed by a salad of mozzarella, cherry tomato, eggplant escabeche and a drizzle of olive oil.  The mozzarella creamed as if it were Burrata and the intensely pickled eggplant was the perfect counter balance bringing the dish together.

Soon after was a bowl of bulgur with a cream sauce and shrimp.  Creole flavors sent the dish to a whole new level which made me beyond ecstatic seeing my hometown flavors being represented in Buenos Aires.  Vamos Local!

A generous portion of lamb was then brought out with roasted seasonal vegetables lightly seasoned with herbs and a mushroom compote accompanied by more fresh bread.  The lamb was tender but the vegetables were the rock star of the dish.

With no room for dessert we finished the wine while chatting with the cooks and got a tour of the back room and kitchen.

Service was remarkable as well as the whole onda (spanish for vibe) of the space.  We’ll be back.  Often.


Arevalo 2063, corner of Soler


Tuesday- Sunday lunch and dinner


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