Buenos Aires faves, BURGER JOINT

NOLAchef-buenos-aires-best-burgers-burger-joint-palermoMy prayers have been answered.

It’s going to be wicked dangerous.

Scratch that.  It already is dangerous!  

I say that because Saturday I went twice in one day.  As in two cheeseburgers, two fries, and two orange sodas.  Don’t judge.

Their Mexican burger was just too good to not indulge a second time around.

The breakdown-

It’s called Burger Joint and is a couple blocks from Plaza Serrano on Jorge Burgess towards Santa Fe.

They have a neon hamburger sign outside.  That’s all you need to know.  Follow the neon burger.

It’s very rock ‘n roll.  Grungy but not dirty.

Think movie posters, music records and graffiti.  Done tastefully. 

There are picnic tables outside, a couple of big booths and counter seating indoors.

Tables are full of happy and festive condiments- cilantro mayo, curry ketchup, homemade hot sauce, etc.

The menu is very limited- burgers, fries, soda and beer.

Which I love!  

Stick with what you know and do well.  

Simplicity, folks.  Good service.

I’ve had three burgers in total.

The combo of loaded hamburger + fries + soda =  49 pesos


Then there was the second Mexican burger on Saturday night.  She was just as good as the first.

Props for consistency.

What makes the Mexican so good?  The addition of guacamole and jalapeno!

She’s a winner.

I hope she sticks around.

So happy and scared to be their neighbor.

Find Burger Joint info here.


  1. Ninita says

    The adress is WRONG in the article, its in BORGES 1766 In PALERMO SOHO! THE BEST BURGERS IN TOWN!!!—–>BURGER JOINT

      • Lau says

        “It’s called Burger Joint and is a couple blocks from Plaza Serrano on Jorge Burgess towards Santa Fe.” -> The street is Jorge Luis Borges (not Burgess), after the Argentine writer. Otherwise, great info!

  2. Lena says

    Im going on a food tour in BA the 18th of september and i will try this restaurant. I had a surgery so i cannot eat so much, i have to make good choices as i can eat not more than two medium meal a day.Plus, im a student so i should not spend 100 euros for a meal. Thx for your blog its gonna help me alot! Lena from Paris ;)

  3. Carrie says

    Ive been looking for a good burger in BA for YEARS!

    With the graffiti on the walls and all the hype, it kind of looks like the NYC hotel Le Parker Meridien’s Burger Joint! <swoon. I won't hold my breath, but definitely looking forward to it…


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