Buenos Aires faves, Almacén Purista

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I had heard good things about Almacén Purista from vegetarian friends.  Or should I say friends who really appreciate vegetables in a carnivorous city.

Sunday brunch-lunch rush hour in Villa Crespo lead us here over the weekend.  La Crespo was jam packed as well as La Crespin which I’ve yet to try.

It was almost like a blessing in disguise.  I have been a total GORDA lately.  When I’m surrounded by gumbo and pork & grits at the end of service at NOLA I have very little control and well, I indulge.  Needless to say a semi-healthy lunch was needed (unlike the delicioso pastrami sandwich & bagel from La Crespo).

Almacén Purista is simple in an organic kind of way.  Service was good and prices are fair.

We opted for the veggie burger and a pizza after staring down the tables next to us.  I NEVER order pizza in Buenos Aires.  Not unless I’m at Siamo nel Forno.  Ya see Argentinos have this thing with their pizza- the more cheese and the thicker the crust the better.  Eek.  I’m more of a thin & crispy, homemade sauce, and light on the cheese.  This is how Almacén Purista does their pizza.  AND you have the option of whole wheat dough.  Double score.

Sadly the veggie burger wasn’t our favorite, but only because of the texture!!  The flavors were great but it was so mushy that baby food came to mind.  Texture is just as important as flavor in my book.  Maybe I had it on an off-day..?  Our vegetarian friend LOVES it.

There were many other things we were debating between.  The size of the pizza dominated the order and confirmed that no other plate was necessary.  It’s a big pizza for fifty pesos (10 bucks).  I’ll be back, soon.

Almacén Purista

Ramirez de Velazco 701 corner of Acevedo, Villa Crespo

011 4779-2210

Mon- Sat 9am- midnight

Sunday 9am- 8pm


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