P1110611 A couple weeks back a friend and I had lunch at Astor in the barrio Colegiales. Word is their small menu changes weekly highlighting seasonal ingredients and the chef/owner is a local celeb making quite the name for himself in the culinary scene.  He’s also part of Gajo!!  (crush) The decor at Astor is quaint with lots of wood, an open kitchen and floor to ceiling windows. Service was good, the bread was even better and the food was light and simple.P1110600 The bag of homemade breads and seasoned butter arrived along with our starters, carrot & thyme soup for me, poached eggs, bacon & polenta for my friend. Mine was good, perhaps a bit too simple, his was packing a lot more punch and the textures were spot on.P1110603 P1110604 For mains we had the veal meatballs and salmon blanco. The salmon was cooked to perfection and seasoned with a touch of lemon and olive oil.  Radishes, caramelized onion and arugula were it’s counterparts.  Everything worked, portions were perfect but I wanted more flavor! The veal meatballs came with roasted potatoes, arugula and a sauce that I’m pretty sure was a spin off of the carrot soup.  Way more substantial but something still lacked that I couldn’t pin point. Both just seemed a bit flat, like something was missing. P1110608 P1110610 P1110606Don’t get me wrong! I’d go back any week.  And I’m all for simplicity.  But I want more flavor, por favor! And I love their lunch deal. I believe it was 99 pesos that included-  filtered water, a glass of wine, starter and main. I’ll be back, Astor.


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