A couple weeks back I had the privilege of eating at Aipim for their last weekend of brunch service.

In fact, Aipim is closing their doors and re-opening a new pair as a puerta cerrada.

It will be a success.

I kind of have a girl crush on the chef/owner!

She has very cool hair.  The kind that’s shaved on one side and big and fluffy on the other.

Her half sleeve tat is quite rad and gives her a badass onda.  Jealous!

And the girl can poach an egg!

Although I must admit the crepe stuffed with pulled rabbit & hazelnuts and smothered in orange chili amarillo sauce was my fave.  Excitement conquered camera shot.

All the best, Aipim!

Maybe we can play together in the kitchen?  Poach some eggs?  Trade chili seeds?



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    Hola NolaChef! I live in New Orleans and Nani (the chef/owner of Aipim) is a good friend of mine. She and I met in Florianopolis, Brazil. I’ve eaten her cooking many times and I know how good it is. Your girl crush is justified. :-) Maybe we can meet and talk about our South American adventures!.. after all this Mardi Gras madness is over!

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      Hola Justin! I’d love to, but are you in NOLA or Buenos Aires?! I’m in BA, permanently! I’m kind of feeling homesick with all the Mardi Gras madness…!

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