Sunday in Greenwich Village


On Sunday the girls and I met in Greenwich Village for brunch.

Dara and I are both big fans of Market Table off Bleecker Street and when she mentioned it the three of us quickly agreed. Something about their big windows and rustic decor… and of course the food!

I remember having the best cauliflower of my life from here years back!

We grabbed a table after a short wait at the bar and before you know it the chef was sending out free goodies!

Why? We have no idea!

Maybe they had heard about our Subway bust and decided to reward us?!!


30 second salad dressing


Another reason I love Buenos Aires, the grocery stores are so much smaller!

Not stocked to the max with pre-made everything’s.

Yes, of course there are loads of processed junk, cookies, and chips (mostly ham flavored, eek!) but it doesn’t even compare to what’s happening in the USA.

I remember as a kid there were so many options for salad dressings!

Italian, Creamy Italian, Ranch, Ranch with Bacon, Guacamole Ranch, Honey Mustard, Honey Mustard Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese (vomit!), Chunky Blue Cheese (vomit for days!) Caesar, Thousand Island, Light, Fat Free, Wishbone, Hidden Valley, TODO!

All in their pretty labels with an expiration date 10 years in the future.

No gracias!


BA November Catch Up!


Can you believe it?!

36 more days til we bring in the new year.


E, it’s been almost a year since you were here in Buenos Aires!! ¡Que loco!

There are still so many things on my 2013 to do list!

I guess they’ll carry over onto VAMOS 2014? Like leftover cell minutes? Oh wait, they don’t do that here in Argentina. I guess I start over, then? Hmmm.

For now let’s distract ourselves with what’s been going on in BA.

As you know it’s November aka the best month in Buenos Aires.

People if you ever plan a visit to BA, come in November!

This is what November has been all about-


Gulf Shrimp Mexican Fiesta


Going through all these New York photos is really making me crave all those sweet Gulf shrimp that I was shoveling in my mouth day after day while back home in NOLA.

That and my recent discovery of The Middle Finger Project which is currently rocking my world and making me feel un-fucking stoppable. (Sorry, family, but it was bound to happen!)

The connection?

I want shrimp everyday, even in Buenos Aires!

And for that to happen, I need to be a baller. Because shrimp are damn expensive here in Argentina. Why? I don’t know! BA is on the Coast, just like New Orleans. People assume that it’s South America so everything should automatically be inexpensive, right? Wrong.

Shit’s expensive.


Buenos Aires Jazz Festival Nov 20-25


Buenos Aires is hosting the annual International Jazz Festival this week starting tonight at 8:30 and finishing up on Monday the 25th.

Artists from all over the world will be showcasing the wide range of Jazz music through live performances and film at the Recoleta Culture Center.

Many of the concerts are sold out however all acts at Open Air Parque Centenario are free and outdoors. Grab a blanket, your amigos and a bottle of your favorite grape and enjoy the evening under the stars.

And let’s not forget where Jazz originated… my hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana aka The Big Easy or City of Jazz!

Bring on the brass, Buenos Aires!


New York Part II


The morning after dinner with D and her family I woke to an apartment full of sleeping beauties.

Stephanie and Dara in the living room, Noey and I in the bedroom.

I put on some water for mate and crawled onto the sofa with the girls while we giggled about the night before.